Reactor Clarifiers

  1. The offered Reactor Clarifiers are classified into two classes based on the HRC and HRB mechanisms. HRC is the high rate column supported Reactor Clarifier available in different sizes, starting from 15m diameter to 75m diameter. HRB is a high rate bridge mounted Reactor Clarifier available in different sizes, starting from 3m diameter to 25m diameter. Using the high rate Solids-Contact Reactor Clarifier, the raw influent liquid is directly bought in contact with a large circulating volume of flocculate and precipitate, which are denser in comparison as well are previously formed. The blend of this re circulated slurry and raw influent liquid is carried forward to reaction cone with 75-90% being returned to recirculation with the incoming raw water. The remaining 10-25 % blend passes under the cone and into the clarification zone. Into this zone, as the solids settle at the bottom of the tank with the clarified liquid moving into the effluent launder and exiting tank.

    Key Points:

    • It is a circular tank in which several processes are executed, from mixing, coagulation, flocculation, to settling and clarification.
    • The processes that require longer detention times within the feed well and solids recycle is not required, the BFR and CF Reactor Clarifiers are used.
    • These units have considerably longer detention times. It results in proper flocculation.
    • These can be used for removal of turbidity and color, as well as softening of lime.

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  2. Circular Mechanical Clarifiers

    Circular Mechanical Clarifiers

    Power Source: Electricity
    Product Type: Circular Mechanical Clarifiers
    Delivery Time: 1 Week
    Supply Ability: 10 Per Week
    Price: 200000.00 - 500000.00 INR/Unit
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